The one thing you need to do before your kids get in the water (and it doesn’t involve SPF50+) 💦

May 07, 2018

The one thing you need to do before your kids get in the water (and it doesn’t involve SPF50+) 💦

As kids we’d spend what felt like weeks (but was probably days) over Christmas in the pool, wrestling over the inflatable pony and knocking back syrup soaked slushies and 🍦. 

That smell still takes me back there. *ahhhh*

Yep,…..the smell of chlorine…... 

Ok so it’s great for keeping the pool clean but it really dries out their skin and hair.  

Honestly though, I never worried enough about it to wrestle them into swimming caps so when I came across this simple trick it got my attention.

After a little digging it all made a lot of sense and so did this super simple solution.

The problem

When hair gets wet with chlorinated water, it soaks up the chlorine, which then strips the hair of its natural lubricant, called sebum. 

If your kids are regular water babies like mine then this can quickly cause split ends and breakages and also cause their skin to dry out.


The super simple solution….*drum roll please*

Before jumping in the pool, wet them and their hair down. 

Now, I’m not just talking about a quick sprinkle here. Make sure it’s totally saturated with fresh tap water, a shower is ideal. 🚿

Imagine their hair (and even their skin for that matter) acting like a sponge. If it’s filled with clean water, it’ll be harder for the pool water to get in and cause damage.

If you can’t get them in the shower then you can use conditioner to saturate their hair before they jump in.  It helps to seal the hair to keep out the chlorine and adds moisture at the same time.

So why not try throwing a travel-sized bottle of conditioner into their swim bag next time they head to the pool?  

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