3 Reasons Monogramming Is More Practical Than Posh

November 15, 2016

3 Reasons Monogramming Is More Practical Than Posh

More surprising than the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow still hung out with her ex even after they’d “consciously uncoupled”? The fact that she made just as many headlines for bringing back the monogram trend while they did.

You might traditionally think of monogramming as just for dainty bathroom towels or the cuffs of stuffy mens’ dress shirts, and we admit GOOP styles can be kind of hit or miss. But Gwynie’s early call on the monogram’s resurgence three years ago seems to be pretty well acknowledged by the major mags these days. 

Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton are in on it so why shouldn't you be? Embroidery just got taken to a whole new level.

So here are some practical reasons you should get in on fashion’s latest (recycled) trend...starting with your wovii towels

Your Kids Can Stop Fighting Over Whose Towel Is Whose

Never underestimate your kids’ capacity to bicker. But with their initials on their towels, you can shut down those fights over colors or sizes or “mine wasn’t this wet so it must be yours” faster than it’ll take their wovii towels to dry. In fact, they can even all get the exact same towel if they want to — make the monograms small and subtly placed, or consider fun symbols or mantras instead of initials, and then when they grow out of that “I only want mine” phase you’ll have a classy set the whole family can use interchangeably.


Personalized Wovii Towels Make a Great Gift

A monogrammed set of wovii towels would make a great gift. Just take note of basic monogramming etiquette: choose the style based on the receiver’s personality (ultra-traditional monogram fonts can be a bit stodgy), and — obviously — double-check the spelling.

It’ll Make Towels Easier to Identify in the Lost & Found

When your kid inevitably leaves their wovii behind somewhere— the playground, the pool, lord knows where else — it’ll be easier to identify when you’re searching through the bin of misplaced items. And you don’t have to worry about accidentally swiping someone else’s, because what are the chances of another kid having the exact same initials, and being exactly as irresponsible?

There are loads of embroidery shops around any city, just google and you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

Grab a Standard, Jumbo or Hooded towel and add a handy Pocket wovii. Original and practical gifts = sorted.

Stay dry,


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