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The best lightweight towels in Australia!

Anyone who is an active weekender or likes to get involved in physical activity knows just how important the right equipment can be to let you relax and focus on what's important. One of the most frustrating things to take on a trek or down to the gym is a big bulky towel. Not only does it weigh down your bag, but it can take an age to dry and be ready to use again.

Luckily Wovii has the answer. A lightweight towel specifically designed to be easy to carry and quick to dry, taking the unpleasantness out of bringing a towel to wherever you need to go. Wovii towels are light, fluffy and easy to dry, making them the perfect accessory to take with you anywhere from the beach to the bush to the gym.

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Lightweight Towels Quick Drying - What makes Wovii lightweight towels so good?

  • Featherlight material. Every Wovii towel is constructed specifically to be as light as possible while maintaining its absorbancy, fluffiness and overall charm. If you are looking for a towel that packs in tight and feels weightless in a bag, Wovii is the perfect brand for you.
  • Super absorbent fibres. The same fibres that make Wovii light also make it super absorbent. Wovii towels are designed from tiny strands of microfibre. Together these strands have a massive amount of surface area, which means that they can absorb an incredible amount of water when compared to conventional materials.
  • Quick-drying formula. While Wovii absorbs an inordinate amount of water, it is also very quick to dry, making it one of the most convenient pieces of equipment to take with you on a trip to the beach or pool.
  • Punchy colours. No one said towels have to be boring, which is why we've imbued every one of our towels with fun colours and vibrant designs, ensuring that you stand out wherever you go.
  • Simple to store. Wovii's lightweight material means that it can pack up tight and take up much less space in your bag than other towels.
  • No fluff design. Fluff is the bane of everyone who has done a load of washing. However, Wovii is made of high-quality microfibre material, designed to leave no fluff on your other clothes.

Wovii's history

Wovii started off as a project to construct a snuggly, lightweight towel that was fun and easy for kids to use. Soon after it was designed, we realised how popular they were with adults. Today Wovii is one of the best-loved lightweight towels available on the market for hands, both big and small.

Wovii's love guarantee

We think they are the most comfortable, quality and exciting towels available on the market today. However, if you find that you don't love them quite as much as we do, we are happy to provide you with an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase, no hoops to jump through.