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JUMBO Wovii Beach Towel / Bath Sheet - Wovii

JUMBO Wovii Beach Towel / Bath Sheet

$47.00 AUD
STANDARD Wovii - The Everything Towel - Wovii
STANDARD Wovii - The Everything Towel - Wovii

STANDARD Wovii - The Everything Towel

$35.00 AUD
ACTIVE Wovii Gym & Yoga Towel - Wovii
ACTIVE Wovii Gym & Yoga Towel - Wovii

ACTIVE Wovii Gym & Yoga Towel

$19.95 AUD

Australia's favourite quick-drying towel

Anyone who has ever come out of the freezing cold surf in summer or stepped onto the icy tiles of their bathroom in winter understands the childlike comfort of a good towel. Great towels are light, absorbent and super fluffy but the best towels are quick-drying to boot. Whether returning from the pool or laying your towels out on a drying rack, towels that dry fast make life easier and a whole lot more pleasant.

Wovii has invested heavily in developing a towel that has all our favourite features. It is made to be soft and comfortable on the skin, ultra-absorbent and easy to carry. Being made from microfiber means that even though it can absorb up to 4x its weight in water, a Wovii dries fast and is ready to use again in no time. Such a focus on functionality doesn't mean we've forgotten about looks, Wovii towels not only work great they look great too with 12 vibrant colours to choose from!

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What makes Wovii quick-drying towels the best?

  • Quick-drying formula. Usually, big towels are notoriously slow to dry but Wovii solves this problem because it is manufactured from 400GSM microfiber. This means that no matter whether you are using Wovii for outdoor adventures, travelling or in the bathroom at home, you can take comfort in having a towel that will dry quickly and be ready for use again faster than towels that are made from traditional materials.
  • Colourful style. We think that life should be full of colour, which is why we offer towels in 12 colours from fun, vibrant hues to elegant silver, grey and charcoal.
  • High-quality fibre. Having a towel that looks great but falls apart in the wash isn't our idea of a good time, which is why all our towels are manufactured to the highest quality standards, making them fluff-free and durable for everyday use.
  • Soft and fluffy material. Wrapping up in a warm comfortable towel after getting out of the water is one of the great pleasures of life. That's why we've made sure that our towels are soft and fluffy, perfect for snuggling into after getting out of the surf.
  • Ultra-absorbent design. A towel wouldn't be worth much if it couldn't dry you but Wovii towels are made to be extra-absorbent, which means that they can help you get dry faster and easier than ever before.

Wovii's Inspiration

Wovii started its journey as a towel designed to be light, fun and quick-drying for kids. We soon realised that our colourful designs and quality material were loved by big hands just as much as by little hands and we expanded the range and colours to suit a variety of tastes. . Over the years we have grown into one of Australia's favourite towels for any occasion, whether it's the beach, gym, or at home.

Our guarantee that you'll love Wovii quick-drying towels

We think they are the most comfortable, quality and exciting towels available on the market today. However, if you find that you don't love them quite as much as we do, we are happy to provide you with an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase, no hoops to jump through.

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