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Swim Towels Quick Dry

Barbequing by the pool on the weekend, taking a dip on a hot summer afternoon or cheering your team on at the school swimming carnival is deeply rooted in the Australian memory. We all know the smell of sunscreen, the feel of wet tiles, the cool of a sudden breeze and the warmth of snuggling into our fluffy towel after a big day at the pool.
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Wovii towels are the perfect companion for a day at your local swimming hole. Warm, luxurious, lightweight and absorbent, they dry quickly and take up little room in our pool bags. They are obsessively loved by adults and kids alike for their fluffiness, their practicality and their bright colours that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, no matter if you're at the pool, at the beach or getting out of the shower.


The Benefits of a Wovii Swimming Pool Towel

  • Fun design Every Wovii quick dry pool towel is made with tender love and care. Part of this was deciding the look and feel of our materials, which is why we chose bright hues and vibrant tones to add a little colour to our trips to the pool.
  • Ultra-absorbent material. Everyone is impressed by how quickly our towels absorb water. You'll be dry as soon as you step out of the water and get in line to buy your lunch.
  • Dries in no time. There's little worse than opening up your bag only to realise you've forgotten your wet towel from the last time you went to the pool! Luckily Wovii pool towels are quickly dry in no time, meaning no more nasty surprises the next time you open your bag.
  • Soft on the skin. Absorbency and design are one thing, but they mean nothing if the towel doesn't feel amazing on the skin. That's why we've ensured that our Wovii pool towels are super fluffy and ultra-soft for delicate skin.
  • Light and easy to carry. Big bulky towels are heavy to carry and difficult to dry yourself with., Wovii, on the other hand, is super light, making it easy for even the littlest hands to wrap themselves up with!
  • No fluff, no fuss. Fluff is a nightmare for anyone who has ever done a load of laundry. That's why we've ensured that Wovii's have no loose threads. Making them a fluff-free zone

The Wovii Journey

The Wovii pool towel was originally made with the idea of making a towel that was light, fluffy and fun for little kids. Today they are beloved by both kids and adults and have become one of Australia's favourite pool accessories.


Our guarantee when you buy a Wovii Swimming Pool Towel

There's nothing not to love with a Wovii pool towel. They are light, soft, absorbent and look fantastic. However, our Wovii Love Guarantee means that if you decide they're not for you, you can request a full refund within 30 days of order, no questions asked!