Wovii and surfboard

In 2013, I launched wovii with the mission to make life easier for busy families.

The everyday demands on parents are higher than ever.  Between school pick ups and drops offs, after school activities, homework and weekend sports, there's barely time to think about anything else.

I truly believed that if we made an everyday family item, that gets used countless times a day, fashionable and functional, families could lighten up, stress less and play more.   I really believed busy families needed wovii.

4 years on and we've come a long way from packing woviis at the our dining room table
with 4 small kids grabbing at our feet. Now, with a distribution centre based in Melbourne and wovii lovers across the globe, we couldn't be happier to have freed thousands of families from heavy, soggy towels and given them more time, and energy, for the things that really matter.

I’m excited to see what tomorrow will bring, and the chance to keep lightening up the lives of busy families around the world.


Jen Daniels

wovii founder

Jen Daniels