When I first started wovii in 2013, it was an idea that came out of a frustration with heavy, soggy and, let's face it, useless towels.  All the towels we had were either so bulky you needed to do a separate trip to the car just to carry the towels (extra painful with kids in tow), or they just didn't get you dry.  You'd be left still damp with your t-shirt stuck halfway up your back. 

Microfibre towels had been around for awhile but they either felt like a chamois you'd use to clean your car, or were made out of the same material as cleaning cloths: not exactly luxurious. The colours were pretty dull and very limited but we've changed that.

I wanted to give people all the benefits of microfibre while still being able to enjoy a luxuriously soft and fashionable towel.  I'd tried Turkish towels but they weren't very absorbent and were really missing that luxurious softness I wanted from a towel.

When we first started we were using our second bathroom as a storage room and were packing orders from our dining room table.   It was pretty chaotic, especially with 4 small kids around our feet, but it was all part of a pretty exciting adventure.  Now with a distribution centre based in Melbourne and team members across the globe, we love using technology to not only make the best towels possible, but also to let us work with people all over the world who are amazing at what they do.

I'm really excited to see what tomorrow will bring, and the chance to keep sharing our amazing woviis with water lovers around the world.

Wovii Founder (+ Water Lover)