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At Home with wovii

At Home with wovii - Wovii


At home with Wovii®

You’ve probably heard about wovii as a fabulous beach accessory or travel companion, but did you know that wovii can do wonders in the home? 

We’ve told you all about the amazing benefits of wovii including its super soft feel and unparalleled light weight, compact nature, but did you know that wovii is also great for bathrooms at home?

One of the best things about wovii is its incredible ability to absorb water – more than 4 times that of a regular towel! Not only is wovii super absorbent, they also DRY in record speed. If you’re like us, with higher health awareness, you’ve probably been washing your hands a lot more than normal and your towels are probably wetter than ever.

Unfortunately, doing the right thing by washing your hands and drying them with a towel for the whole family to use, may be causing you to spread unnecessary bacteria (the very thing you are trying to avoid!).

Regular towels trap bacteria from human surfaces that can multiply in damp, dark bathrooms. Using an ultra-absorbent, quick-drying towel (such as wovii) can help to reduce the spread of bacteria and grime transferring from person to person in the home.

Not only does wovii dry between uses, helping to limit the spread of bacteria, it also loves a wash! Did you know that experts recommend washing your towels (hand or bathroom) roughly every 4-5 uses? If this seems like a LOT of laundry, think again. wovii LOVES a wash.

With wovii you won't be tied up washing endless piles of damp towels or stuck running the tumble dryer 24/7 on those colder, rainy days (its kinder on the planet too).

wovii is also very resilient – we make them to last, so they won’t degrade, lose their shape or get less soft & cosy with more washes. No loose loops or weave, wovii is also fluff-free (say good-bye to excess fluff around the house). 

As we start to get back to doing the things we love outside the home, it’s important that we continue to maintain our diligence in personal hygiene practices. Let wovii help to minimize the spread and make your home life that little bit safer (and easier)!