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The Wovii journey started in 2013 when a spirited 2-year old insisting on drying herself at bath time. On the search for the perfect toddler towel the idea was to create a towel that kids loved to snuggle into, to dry themselves and that would dry fast. We wanted to make a towel that really would make life easier for families. 

And so the Wovii towel was born.

Soon after Wovii launched, parents across Australia were asking for bigger sizes and different colours. Aussie families were loving Wovii too, a towel for all seasons. Just at home in chilly winter bathrooms, swimming at the beach, and perfect for the gym, camping and holidays too.

My Aussie family and I were both customers and huge fans.

We’ve been using Wovii for many years. At home in the bathroom. For days by the pool. For family camping trips. And down at the gym. Wovii was the perfect complement to our Australian family lifestyle. The softest, most versatile, most absorbent towel we’d ever used. Quick drying. Warm and snuggly. Lint-free. Super lightweight. We were hooked!

So when the opportunity came round to buy this Aussie icon, we jumped at it. We loved the product so much, we bought the Wovii business and have been committed to expanding the range and growing the reach throughout Australia and beyond.

For us, Wovii represents the best of Australia. Simple, easy, fresh and uncomplicated. Perfect at home, perfect for the pool, beach, gym, camping, or on holidays. And whilst we love our products, we love our customers more. Wovii is known for legendary customer service and our mantra to make us the easiest company to do business with. 

So come discover what thousands of customers nationwide already know.


Wovii owner