General care

Wash your towels on a warm or cold wash cycle then dry them on the line in the shade or in a low heat tumble dryer.  Don’t use bleach, iron them or send them off to the dry cleaners. Fabric softeners are also a no-no when it comes to towels (more on this down the page).

Keeping it bright

To help your bright coloured towels keep their oomph, here’s a few suggestions:

  • Line dry them in the shade.
  • Wash bright coloured towels separately.
  • Before using, soak your towel overnight in a bucket of water with ½ a cup of salt dissolved in it. The salt will naturally help to lock in the colour
  • When wet, keep bright coloured towels away from resting on other fabrics.  


Divide and conquer

Just like with other towels, when you’re attacking that mountain of laundry it’s best to wash your wovii® towels separately from your clothes and keep them with like colours.


Towels and fabric softener don’t mix. 

Using fabric softeners with towels will seriously reduce how well they can absorb water. 


Uh-oh! I used fabric softener with my towels. Are they ruined?

Not at all. Fabric softener just coats the towel with a light film, which stops it from being as absorbent.   Just wash it a few times, without fabric softener, and it'll regain its drying power.

Any other questions?  Please let us know.