Say 'Goodbye' to heavy, soggy towels, and 'Hello' Wovii

We get that heavy, soggy towels can really weigh you down.
So we've developed a towel that looks and feels great but won't have you tied to the laundry or stuck lugging heavy bags to the beach or pool.  Now you can have soft, luxurious towels and still have time for the things you love. 
Don’t compromise.



Want to lighten things up a bit? STANDARD woviis are the same size as a regular bath towel but are lightweight so they take up a whole lot less room.  They're quick drying and super absorbent too so there's no need to run the dryer 24/7 and the kids won't be running around still half damp dripping water all through the house.

  • Size: 140cm x 70cm 
  • Weight: 390 grams