I’ve already got towels. Why do I need a wovii?

We took a good look at all the towels out there and realised that as much as we needed them, most of them were totally impractical.  If you wanted to leave the house with your towel you had 3 options:

  1. Heavy cotton towels which take up pretty much your entire bag. 
  2. Turkish towels which aren't exactly soft and luxurious and still leave you half damp.
  3. Travel towels which feel rubbery like a chamois and are more suited to cleaning your car.

    So, we set out to re-create the humble towel. It wasn't enough for our new towels to just look good (we're not that superficial) they had to work better too. We really thought about how and where you use your towel. Then we fixed it. 

    The lightweight fabric means you can still fit all the other ‘essentials’ in your bag.

    It’s ultra absorbency means you won’t be stuck mid-change with your t-shirt halfway up your back.

    Our premium performance fabric is easy to care for, super soft, quick drying and on top of all that – some sizes even have an integrated loop to help keep them off your bathroom floor.


    So what are they made from?

    Woviis  are made from a top-notch high-performance material: commonly known as microfibre.  In different forms it’s been around for decades and is used by the likes of Nike and Adidas, because it’s lightweight and great at something called wicking.

    Being great at wicking means it can absorb water quickly and release it through evaporation. This gives microfibre it’s superior drying power and allows it to dry really quickly. 

    Being ultra absorbent means you don't need to rub to get dry.  This makes it ideal for sensitive skin, especially skin prone to eczema, and stops you damaging your hair by rubbing it when it's most prone to breakage: when it’s wet.

    It’s special fibres mean there’s no need to add chemicals to your wash to stop towels getting stiff and scratchy. You also don’t need to spend hours running the tumble dryer to get them dry: that's a whole lot easier on the environment.


    Wait. No fluff?

    Yep! No more washing your towels 5+ times to get rid of that horrible fluff they leave all over you when you get out of the shower.

    Woviis are a completely fluff free zone.


    Looks like they’d make a great gift.  Who are woviis towels for?

    Fitness Junkie – Yep.

    Outdoorsy Type – You bet.

    Pool Mad – Perfect .

    Beach bum - Sure thing.

    Travel addict – A must have.

    Now that we’ve changed the way you think about towels, don’t let anyone be held back with heavy soggy towels or rubbery travel towels.

    I want one! What size should I choose?

    Woviis aren’t one size fits all (that would be crazy) but they are one size dries all.  They’re so absorbent even a POCKET towel can dry a full body straight out of the shower.

    But for the sake of coverage we usually suggest the STANDARD size for adults who are happy using a normal bath towel or for wrapping your hair up after a shower. It’s also the perfect size for kids and teenagers too.

    If you’re more of a ‘bath sheet kind of person’ then the JUMBO gives you extra coverage without weighing you down. You can wrap it around your waist and know it won’t be falling down around your ankles as soon as you reach for your sunnies.


    How do I wash my towels?

    It’s so easy, even hubby might be able to do it. (Sorry guys) ;-)

    Just wash them on a cold or warm cycle and line dry in the shade. Like your towels warm? They’re also happy rolling around in a low heat tumble dryer. Just follow the care instructions on the tag.