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What are Woviis made from?

Woviis  are made from a top-notch high-performance material: commonly known as microfiber.  In different forms it’s been around for decades and is used by the likes of Nike ® and Adidas ® because it’s lightweight, super absorbent and very soft and comfortable. 

Microfiber is great at wicking which means it can absorb water quickly and release it through evaporation. Wovii's generally can absorb up to 4x their weight in liquid and then dry really quickly. 

Being ultra absorbent means you don't need to rub to get dry.  This makes it ideal for sensitive skin, especially skin prone to eczema, and stops you damaging your hair by rubbing it when it's most prone to breakage: when it’s wet.

Its special fibre also means there’s no need to add fabric softener to your wash to stop towels getting stiff and scratchy. Microfiber is natively very soft. You also don’t need to spend hours running the tumble dryer to get them dry: that's a whole lot easier on the environment.


What size should I choose?

Woviis aren’t one size fits all (that would be crazy) but they are one size dries all.  They’re so absorbent even the smallest wovii can dry a full body straight out of the shower.

STANDARD woviis are the same size as a normal bath towel and

JUMBO woviis are the same size as a bath sheet. 

Most kids are happy with the STANDARD woviis however if you're more of a bath sheet kinda family, jump in and grab the big fella.

Hooded woviis or ponchos are available in 2 sizes are suitable for kids ages 2 to 6 years and for 7 to 10 years.  The larger size is 10cm longer and 10cm wider than the small, with a larger neck cut out and hood size.