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Top 5 Reasons Why Microfibre Towels are Great for Curly Hair

Top 5 Reasons Why Microfibre Towels are Great for Curly Hair - Wovii

Curly hair can be quite the challenge to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be. With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your curls look great every day. If you are looking for towels, consider using the best quick dry towels. Here are five reasons why microfiber towels are good for curly hair:

Microfibre Towels have High Absorbency:

One of the main benefits of microfiber towels is their absorbency. Unlike a regular bath towel, quick dry towels can absorb up seven times its weight in water. Therefore, your hair won’t be left feeling damp or weighed down. That makes them great for styling and drying. When it comes to curly hair, there’s nothing worse than using a towel that leaves too much moisture behind and takes too long to dry.

Microfibre Towels Reduce Frizz:

One of microfibres greatest assets is its ability to lock in moisture. This means that even after your hair dries, it will be as smooth and silky as when you first stepped out of your shower. When frizz is gone, so are a perpetually messy mane! The best microfibre towels work for all hair types, as long as you know how to care for it. If your locks are particularly coarse or curly/wavy, microfiber towels will offer that extra protection it needs.

No More Excessive Rubbing with Your Towel:

As the name suggests, a microfibre towel is made of tiny microfibres that are less harsh on your hair. This means it can absorb water without rubbing, making it much gentler than cotton and even better for curly hair that’s prone to breakage. As mentioned earlier, it also doesn’t retain excess moisture. Microfibre will keep your cuticle smooth. Since microfibre dries more quickly than other fabrics, you can reuse them instead of using a new cotton towel every single day.

Microfibre Towels are Lightweight:

Microfibre towels are great for traveling or drying off after a shower. They’re lightweight and compact, so you can take them with you wherever you go without bulkiness or extra weight. Unlike heavy cotton towels, the best quick dry towels will reduce strain on your neck and hairline as well. Their small size also makes the towels easy to throw in your gym bag or locker without taking up valuable space.

Microfibre Towels Prevent Over Drying Your Hair:

You won’t over dry your hair when using a microfibre towel! This is perfect for curly hair since they already tend to be dry. Even though we want to try to get as much moisture out of our hair as possible, it is good practice to avoid over drying so that our curly mane will stay hydrated and nourished.

Microfibre towels are good for curly hair, especially if you know how to use them properly. Being able to dry quicker, microfibre towels Australia are also your ideal travel companion. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!