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What makes microfibre towels unique and special?

What makes microfibre towels unique and special? - Wovii

We all have them. Tucked away in the dark corners of our linen cupboards. The old faded bath towel we hide from guests, only to appear when there is no one around to judge us. They leave trails of messy shreds in the washing machine, smell like old laundry after a couple of uses and absorbing moisture would be better described as moving water from one part of your body to another.

If you’re standing in the cold and this message resonates with you, then it’s time to consider investing in a set of Wovii’s quick dry towels, arguably the softest towels on the market.

Towels? But what are my options besides cotton?

There are many different types of towels you can purchase online, all claiming to be the best. These include;

  • Bamboo
  • Rayon
  • Microfibre
  • Polyester

We’ll be giving a little spotlight on towels made of microfibres and why they are quickly gaining popularity. The use of these towels is not limited to just drying off after a shower or a day at the pool. Many sports athletes and gym-goers prefer the compact and quick dry features of microfibre.

What’s so special about microfibres?

Microfibre products are made from synthetic materials, which are 5 times thinner than a human strand of hair. Why is this important? Well, besides being lightweight, these fine microfibre strands make super absorbent towels that are ultra-plush and dry in a flash, allowing you to say goodbye to soggy, smelly towels that clog up the laundry.

From bath towels to beach towels, quick dry towels are gaining popularity due to their unique features.

  • Ultra Absorbent – These super absorbent towels can absorb up to 4 times their weight.
  • Super Soft – Beautifully soft, like so soft you’ll never want to share it, and they stay that way wash after wash.
  • Quick Drying – 30 minutes in the shade and 5-10 in the sun. Now that is fast!
  • Lightweight – Convenient to pack for any occasion and easy to carry. That’s a Win-Win in our books.
  • No more fluff – No loose yarns means your favourite dark clothing will remain lint-free in the wash.

After a good shower, nobody likes the feel of damp, cold or rough towels on their body, so perhaps one of Wovii’s super absorbent towels is the perfect option for people who dread stepping out of the bath only to be greeted by an old drab cotton towel that still isn’t dry from the last person who used it, the day before.

So the next time you’re online searching for the softest towels. Remember that you can never go wrong with buying a Wovii. In fact, we guarantee it!