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Cleaning Towels – What’s the Right Way to Wash Your Towels

Cleaning Towels – What’s the Right Way to Wash Your Towels - Wovii

Regularly washing your towels can help remove dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt to keep them smelling fresh and clean, but how often should you do it? With the wide variety of different types of towels on the market, it can be hard to know what to do with them all. One solution would be to simply buy one type of towel and throw it in the washer after every use, but that can get expensive quickly. Instead, here’s a quick guide on how often you should wash the best quick dry towels.

When Do Towels Get Dirty:

It all depends on how much you use them. If they’re used frequently, or come into contact with bacteria, you might need to launder them more often than other types of clothing (such as bedsheets). On average, experts suggest washing quick-dry towels every three to four uses. However, if these towels are only used occasionally, you can wash them less frequently.

Thorough washing and drying is important to ensure that your towels are free from germs. Towels must be fully dry to ensure they don’t instigate bacterial growth. One of the benefits of the best quick dry towels is their ability to dry fast after every wash, so you can use them as soon as you need to.

Washing Towels After Each Use Is NOT Mandatory:

Soaking up water and liquid, you might be tempted to believe that washing your towel after every use is a good practice. In fact, doing so isn’t necessary at all! Rather than throwing it in with your laundry pile as soon as it gets a little damp or dirty, wait a day and then wash it in the next batch. At that point, place it in a hot-water load with detergent and dry them properly to keep them clean and fresh. Do not include fabric softener for the best microfiber towels as it decreases drying performance.

In fact, reusing your towel a few times is great for the environment too. That said, never share your towels with someone who’s sick in your house.

4 Things to Remember When Cleaning Towels:

Fast-drying beach towels are great for saving time in your morning routine. You can spend less time drying off after a shower and prevent wet messes after hitting the beach or gym. When it comes to towel cleaning, quick-dry towels minimise hassles. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Try not to wash them with other items, such as your underwear.
  • Using hot water is ideal for washing towels but don’t use fabric softener.
  • Ensure the towels are fully dry after washing.
  • As mentioned above, sharing towels with others is not recommended. If you do, clean your towels every day.

Quick-dry towels are an excellent choice for both travel and everyday use, but it’s important to follow the above tips for proper washing and maintenance to get the most out of them. Caring for the best microfiber towels will keep them fresh and make them last much longer.