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The Best Travel Towels

Quick Dry Camping Towels - An Essential inclusion for camping and outdoor adventures!

Camping and travel are two of Australia's favourite pastimes. With the COVID-19 vaccine in place, Aussies are again travelling extensively, and whether it's the crowded streets of Vietnam, Bali's best beaches or an outback adventure back at home, Aussies will always grab the chance to take time out. However, camping and travel aren't all fun and games if you aren't properly prepared, which is why anything that makes your adventure just that little bit easier is definitely worth it.

A good travel towel is invaluable. Whether it's for comfort on a chilly night, to dry yourself after a cold shower or after a dip in the ocean, it makes a real difference to have a reliable towel handy. Wovii has all the features of great camping and travel towels, including quality material, quick-drying fibres and ultra-light construction, everything you need to bring a little comfort to a trip away from home.  

Microfiber  - The best attributes of Wovii towels  

  • Excellent quality fabric. A towel that can withstand a little wear and tear is super important when you're hitting the hiking trail, which is why Wovii is made with high-quality fabric to give our customers the peace of mind that it won't rip apart when things get a little rough.
  • Quick-drying material. When you leave the beaten path, you won't always have the luxury of a washing machine, drier or clothesline, which is why Wovii travel towels are quick-dry, letting you pop them in your bag without waiting for an age for them to dry.
  • Light and easy to store. When you are carrying your life in a backpack or luggage, you want as little weighing you down as possible. Luckily, Wovii towels are made to be lightweight and easy to store, taking up as little room as possible in your travel packs.
  • Soft and fluffy. A little comfort goes a long way on the road, and there's nothing more comforting than a soft, fluffy towel to snuggle into after you've hit the beach or gotten out of the shower. Originally designed for kids, Wovii towels are some of the softest travel accessories out there. 
  • Ultra-absorbent design. Wovii microfiber camping & travel towels are designed to be ultra-absorbent so that they can absorb up to 4x their weight in water.  This means you can get away with much more compact travel beach towels that dry quickly and are lightweight.

The Wovii Story

The Wovii travel towels Australia was originally envisioned as a fun, soft, ultra-light towel for little kids. Pretty soon after we launched, however, we realised that the great designs, absorbent material and easy storage were loved just as much by adults as by the little ones. Today, we have become one of Australia's favourite towels for the beach, pool, camping, travel or home. 

The Wovii Love Guarantee

We love our camping and travel towels. They are colourful, fun, light and quick-drying, which make them ideal for life on the road. If, for whatever reason, you find they aren't for you, however, you may ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No hoops to jump through!