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Premium Gym Towels for Your Workout Needs                            

Microfibre Gym & Sports Towels

Hitting the gym before work or doing a couple of laps on the weekend can feel amazing. But, what doesn't feel fabulous is a big bulky gym towel that weighs down your bag or dries so slowly that you come home to find it already starting to smell a little ripe. That's why the best gym towels are light, compact, easy to carry and quick to dry, making it a little more straightforward to get up off that couch and sweat. Wovii is specially designed to tick all these boxes. It is light and compact and dries in no time, making it easy to pop into your sports bag. The key to Wovii's design as an ideal gym towel is its quality material, which is designed to be light, fluffy and quick-drying, everything you need to make your gym-going experience just that little bit easier.

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Best Workout Towels - What makes Wovii towels ideal for gym and sports?

  • Ultra-light construction. Wovii's ultra-light construction makes it easy to tuck in your bag on the way to the gym or carry on a run; it's so light you'll barely feel it's there.
  • Fast-drying material. Towels that are big enough to use for sports or at the gym are usually bulky and slow to dry. Wovii, on the other hand, is the exact opposite, as it's made from microfiber, one of the fastest-drying materials available on the market, making it ideal for towels.
  • Vibrant designs. Who says a good sports or gym towel has to be boring?! Wovii's practical designs and vibrant colours will make you stand out as much on the field as on the bench press.
  • Easy to store. Wovii's design means it folds up compactly and has a loop to make it easy to hang.
  • Fluff-free. If you hate fluff on your clothes as much as we do, then Wovii is the towel for you. It's designed to be lint-free and won't ruin the washing machine or your other clothing.

The Wovii Journey

Wovii started as a project to construct a snuggly, small gym towels that was fun and easy for kids to use. Soon after it was marketed, we realised how popular they were with adults. Today they've grown into one of the best gym & sports towels in Australia, preferred by athletes and casual gym-goers.


The Wovii Love Guarantee

We think they are the most comfortable, quality and exciting towels available today. However, if you don't love them quite as much as we do, we are happy to provide you with an exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase, with no hoops to jump through.