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Should You Clean Your Towels After Each Use? Here’s Your Answer

Should You Clean Your Towels After Each Use? Here’s Your Answer - Wovii

One question that people ask is how often they should wash their towels or sheets. Most experts agree that cleaning the best quick dry towels regularly will keep them fresh and help them last longer, but you might be wondering exactly how often this should be done. The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle and the material of your towels, so read below to find out more about this topic.

Don’t Wash Your Towels After Every Use:

Washing your towels after every use is a common mistake that many people make. While it’s easy to see why, with smelly towels being such an annoyance, if you wash your towels too often, you might be causing more harm than good. That’s because towel fibres tend to lose their absorbency over time, so washing them after every single use can actually reduce their effectiveness.

A good rule of thumb is to clean your towels once per week instead. This will keep the material soft and fluffy. Additionally, not washing your towels too frequently is good for the environment too!

So, How Often Should You Clean Your Towels?

Just like your clothes, towels absorb plenty of dirt and germs every time you use them. So as soon as you notice an unpleasant smell from your towel, wash it to keep it clean and fresh.

The frequency of cleaning the best quick dry towels depends on how often you use them and how much bacteria they pick up in that time.

How Do Germs Affect Towels?

When your towels become dirty, they can serve as a breeding ground for germs. Since towels are often used to wipe off after use and then thrown in a pile before reuse, it’s important to wash them to eliminate germs and bacteria. If you use quick-dry towels, you should wash them after three or four uses. But, again, if you are using them less frequently, you may wash them less often.

A fully dried towel after wash is considered a clean towel. This is where quick drying beach towels have an edge. These towels can dry quicker than other types of towels, so you can reuse them without waiting too long. This comes in handy when you are heading from the beach.

Towel Cleaning Best Practices:

It’s usually ideal to use hot water for cleaning your towels to get rid of bacteria and germs. Don’t mix and wash your towel with other items like underwear for hygienic reasons. And as mentioned above, be sure that your towel is fully dry before using it again. Experts usually recommend not to share towels with others. If you do share towels, daily cleaning is mandatory.

This guide should help you understand how often you should be cleaning your towels. Don’t forget to purchase the best microfiber towels for you and your family.